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Continual is the fastest way to build an AI copilot for your application, deeply integrated with your data and APIs, that empowers your users to achieve more, faster.

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Empower your users to achieve more, faster

Give your users a tireless AI assistant that understands your application.

Instant answers

Provide users a copilot that can answer any question instantly.

Accelerated workflows

Automate user workflows with a copilot that can reason and act.

Intelligent experiences

Build unique AI product features powered by a unified copilot engine.

Discover what's possible

Stunningly smart, continually learning

Continual connects to your application data and APIs and gives your users an AI copilot that never stops improving.

Connect to your application data and APIs

Continual connects to and learns from your application data and APIs so that your copilot deeply understands your application and can query data and take actions to assist users.

Data sources
Enhance your copilot's knowledge and expertise.
Augment your copilot with application integrations.

Embed your application copilot in one line of code

Continual provides drop-in React components and a headless SDK that radically simplifies adding a copilot to your application and building experiences powered by a unified copilot engine.

React components
Provide a drop-in chat experience in one line.
Typescript SDK
Enables custom product experiences and full control.

Manage feedback and improve performance

Continual supports AI and human feedback, evaluation, and fine-tuning workflows that enables your copilot to continually learn and improve over time.

Monitoring and analytics
Provides end-to-end visibility and copilot analytics.
Evaluation and feedback
Support continual learning and improvement.

The #1 AI copilot platform for applications

Continual provides a unified AI copilot platform that helps you build, operate, monitor, and continually improve a production-ready AI copilot for your application, remarkably fast.


Delightfully intuitive, infinitely flexible

Continual is crafted to give you the best of both worlds – ultimate simplicity and infinite customizability.

Inline citations

Build trust and ensure accuracy with inline citations.

Rich responses

Go beyond text to return rich, domain-specific components and cards.

Headless interaction

Craft completely custom AI experiences.

Threaded conversations

Enable users to save, organize, and share their copilot conversations.

Suggested prompts

Accelerate discovery with suggested prompts and followups.

Custom styles

Match your application style and brand to perfection.


Trusted by startups and enterprises

Continual is your fast path to AI you can trust.

Reduce engineering and maintainence costs

Build on a proven foundation that starts simple and scales with you.

Increase performance and reliability

Leverage a data-centric process for performance improvement.

Accelerate time to market

Innovate faster and boldly with a trusted platform and partner.

"After considering various options, we found that Continual was the fastest at allowing us to easily upload new training data, change configurations, and test copilot responses without touching a line of code."

Adam Black
Adam Black
Product Portfolio Manager

"Continual consistently exceeded the performance of all our internal prototypes, offering a strong base for future growth, while also allowing for quick and easy implementation"

Carlos del Carpio
Carlos del Carpio
Chief Data Scientist
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